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Welcome to Grounds4Cause (#G4C) featuring Southern, Sweet & Sassy®️ Coffee (S3 Coffee) and Rise Above Coffee®️ (RAC) focusing on our #coffeeforacause initiative.

Grounds4Cause isn't just a coffee business, it's a movement. Since 2021, we've been using the power of coffee to unite people and support the LGBTQ+ and Military Families communities. We're a one-person powerhouse, roasting beans only upon order for the freshest taste. Our ideal partners? Any business looking to wholesale and join us in the #coffeeforacause movement. Together, we can brew a better nation.

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S3 Coffee Co

S3 Coffee Co

Southern, Sweet & Sassy®️ Coffee focuses on providing support for our Military Families community through coffee.

Coffee is a great way to bring people together and create a sense of community. Just by taking the time to share a cup of coffee, you can learn so much about someone. What they struggle with, and even what brings them joy.

About S3 Coffee

Rise Above Coffee®️

Rise Above Coffee®️

Rise Above Coffee®️ focuses on supporting our LGBTQ+ community through coffee.

Not everyone in the LGBTQ+ community feels accepted for who they are by the people around them. Grounds4Cause strives to be a brand where all can feel safe, welcomed, and loved for who they are.

About RAC

Find Your Perfect Coffee!

Find Your Perfect Coffee!

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At Grounds4Cause, we're not just about coffee – we're about crafting an experience, fostering community, and offering genuine support. It's more than sipping a delightful cup; it's about being part of a family, finding belonging, and embracing the warmth of a community that cares. Join us, not just for the coffee, but for the connection and support that makes every sip meaningful. ☕💙 #Grounds4Cause #CoffeeCommunity #SupportiveSips

Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs

Grounds4Cause offers a limited supply of various coffee mugs. Most are fun, a bit snarky, and overall hilarious! Come check them out with your open sense of humor!
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