Colombia Orange

Sabrina Johnson is a military spouse of almost 15 years, mom to three amazing children, and a realtor. Over the years as a military spouse, she and her family have moved 7 times between the East Coast and West Coast. Though each move wasn’t easy, it did help to always have their “military family” there to support us. Sabrina's husband retires soon and that is one of many aspects she will miss…having their military family always there and ready to support. 

She became a realtor because she wanted to help other military families during their moves. PCSing can be stressful and if Sabrina can help alleviate some of that stress to military families, she will! It's what she loves to do and is her passion. 

If you are in the market for a new home, check out her website:

This medium-roasted coffee from Colombia is a delicious and flavorful coffee that is perfect for any time of day. The coffee has a dried orange, berry, and chocolate-tasting profile that is sure to please even the most discerning coffee drinker. The coffee is made by smallholder farmers from Medellin, and it is a blend of Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, and Typica varietals. The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1300-1500 meters, and it is processed using fully washed and dried-in solar dryers to protect the coffee from rain.

This coffee is a great choice for those who are looking for a delicious and flavorful coffee that is also sustainable and fair trade. The coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, and it is sourced from farmers who are paid a fair price for their coffee.

If you are looking for a delicious and flavorful coffee that is also sustainable and fair trade, then you should definitely try Colombia Orange coffee. You won't be disappointed!

      Size: 12oz

      Grind: Whole Bean