French Vanilla

Military Life often requires wearing lots of hats, and that's especially true for Monica. Named a "Trailblazer in Tech" by Military Spouse Magazine, Forbes Next 1000 List, and recently named on the Mighty 25 List as one of the most influential leaders supporting the military community, Fullerton is an ambitious entrepreneur, twin mom, and Air Force spouse.

In an effort to provide highly-transient military families, as well as those that previously served, a space to market their products and services regardless of their duty station, Monica has launched Spouse-ly.

You can help support our nation's heroes and their businesses by shopping #militaryspouse, #firstresponder, and #veteran owned!

French Vanilla Roast: Medium

This rich and creamy vanilla coffee is well-rounded and smooth. The silky flavors blend perfectly with this small batch of roasted coffee.

Our French Vanilla is a medium roast that is well-balanced and has a smooth, creamy texture. The flavor is rich and vanilla-forward, with a hint of sweetness. It is perfect for those who enjoy classic French Vanilla coffee.

Our French Vanilla is made with high-quality, specialty-grade coffee beans that are roasted in small batches. The beans are then carefully flavored with high-quality vanilla flavoring oils. This process ensures that the flavor of the coffee is evenly distributed throughout the beans and that the coffee maintains its freshness and flavor.

We offer our French Vanilla in a variety of sizes, including whole beans, ground coffee, and K-Cup pods. We also offer a variety of other flavored coffees, as well as decaf coffee.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible coffee experience. We source our coffee beans from sustainable farms, and we roast them in small batches to ensure freshness. We also offer a variety of brewing options, so you can enjoy your coffee the way you like it.

We hope you enjoy our French Vanilla coffee!

        Size: 12oz

        Grind: Whole Bean