As we sip our morning coffee, we often take a moment to appreciate the little joys in life. But what if you could find a way to turn that daily coffee ritual into a meaningful act of support for those who have endured great loss?

Grounds4Cause is proud to announce itsย #coffeeforacauseย focus on the American Widow Project (AWP) for the entire month of August. Every purchase of our delightful Chocolate Hazelnut, a Medium Roast Coffee, will contribute towards a donation to this incredible nonprofit organization. Let's delve into the heartwarming story of the American Widow Project and how your coffee purchase can make a difference.

The American Widow Project: Empowering and Supporting Military Widows

The American Widow Project is a remarkable nonprofit organization that was founded in 2007 by Taryn Davis, a young military widow herself. After tragically losing her husband in Iraq, Taryn found solace in connecting with other military widows who understood her unique journey of grief and healing. Inspired by the power of shared experiences and the need for a support system, she established the American Widow Project to provide emotional and peer-based support to military widows across the United States.

AWP aims to empower, inspire, and assist military widows in rebuilding their lives after the loss of their spouse. Through various programs, retreats, and events, the organization fosters a strong sense of community and camaraderie among these brave women. They share stories, support one another through their grief, and find hope for the future together. The American Widow Project recognizes that the journey of a military widow is a lifelong one, and it remains committed to walking alongside these women throughout their healing process.

Grounds4Cause's Coffee: A Delicious Blend with a Purpose

At Grounds4Cause, we believe in combining the simple pleasures of life with the power to make a positive impact on society. Our Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee is the epitome of this philosophy. Crafted with specialty-grade single-origin coffee beans roasted in small batches, our coffee promises a smooth and indulgent experience. The rich chocolate flavor harmoniously blends with the velvety hazelnut, creating a delightful cup of coffee that can brighten any moment.

What sets our flavored coffees apart is the meticulous process of adding high-quality flavoring oils while the coffee is still warm. This ensures that each cup is infused with the freshest and most authentic taste possible. So, not only will you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, but you'll also know that your purchase is contributing to a greater cause.

Supporting the American Widow Project with Grounds4Cause

Grounds4Cause is excited to stand alongside the American Widow Project and make a meaningful impact on the lives of military widows. Throughout the entire month of August, for every purchase of our Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee, a portion of the proceeds will go towards a generous donation to support AWP's vital programs and initiatives.

By indulging in the rich and indulgent flavors of our Chocolate Hazelnut, you can help provide military widows with the emotional support, resources, and community they need to heal and rebuild their lives.

Call to Action: Sip with Purpose

Are you ready to make a difference with your coffee purchase? Join Grounds4Cause this August in supporting the American Widow Project. Treat yourself to our delightful Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee and know that with every sip, you're helping empower and uplift military widows across the nation.

Visit the American Widow Project's website at to learn more about their inspiring mission and the programs they offer.

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Together, let's create positive change one cup of coffee at a time. Order your Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee today and become a part of a cause that touches hearts and changes lives.