Southern, Sweet & Sassy Coffee is passionate about connecting military families one cup at a time, and we are proud to give back to the military community through our #coffeeforacause initiative. This October, we are excited to feature the National Military Family Association.

Organization and Mission
The National Military Family Association (NMFA) is a 501(c)(3) based in Alexandria, Virginia. The mission of the organization is to stand up for, support, and enhance the quality of life for every military family. NMFA accomplishes this through bold advocacy, innovative programming, and solutions that are both dynamic and responsive.

For more than 50 years, the National Military Family Association has been the voice of military families. NMFA is an important source of information for administration officials, members of Congress, and key decision makers when they want to understand the issues facing military families. The organization has a pulse on the unique and sometimes complex needs of military families; understanding better than anyone that military families serve, too.

NMFA Origins and Historical Impact
In 1969, the National Military Family Association was founded by a group of military wives who wanted to make sure their widowed friends were properly taken care of. Two years later, the Survivor Benefit Plan was signed into law. What began as a small, determined group of spouses collaborating at a kitchen table has grown into a strong and influential organization representing military families of all ranks and services.

Other notable accomplishments thanks to NMFA advocacy:
  • 1985 – NMFA became the first organization to testify before a senate subcommittee about healthcare for military families. A year later, Congress established the Dependent Dental Plan.
  • 1989 – The Military Child Care Act was passed.
  • 2006 – Benefits increased for survivors of all active duty deaths, thanks to NMFA testimony and Congressional support.
  • The DoD launched an Urgent Care pilot program.
Resource Library
The NMFA website offers an extensive collection of resources and current information on a wide range of topics important to military families. Whether a family is looking for tips to get through a deployment or PCS, navigating the Exceptional Family Member Program or understanding benefit laws after a divorce, NMFA is there to help military families survive and thrive whatever challenges they face.

In just one example, the ability to maintain professional licensing and certification is a distinct challenge faced by more than 30% of military spouses. Constant moves coupled with individual state requirements make it hard to stay licensed or certified. When a military spouse can’t relicense, it hurts their career and the financial stability of the whole family.

Fortunately, “privilege to practice” policies are being created through interstate compacts that allow a military spouse with an occupation license or certification to transfer from one participating state to another.

Childcare Fee Relief – one of the most urgent challenges faced by military families is the severe shortage of quality, affordable childcare. Through NMFA’s relief program, eligible families are awarded up to $1,500 to help cover the cost of childcare so that spouses can work.

Spouse Scholarships – NMFA offers simple, straight-forward scholarships to help spouses pay for everything from GEDs to PhDs, professional licenses and certifications, continuing education, and more.

Operation Purple offers a variety of programs to help military families thrive:
Summer camps just for military kids
Family retreats to help families spend quality time reconnecting after a deployment or other separation
Supportive retreats held in an adaptive setting for families learning to cope with their new normal after an injury

Through research, advocacy and programming, the National Military Family Association strives to be the voice being our military families. This non-profit works hard every day to guarantee that military families have the best quality of life as their loved one serves our nation.

Coffee for a Cause
If you would like to support NMFA while drinking a great cup of coffee, we’ve got you covered! The S3 October #coffeeforacause is Cold Brew! During the entire month of October, buy our dark, French roast Cold Brew coffee, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to the National Military Family Association.

To learn more about the National Military Family Association and how you can help, please visit their website.

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.