Life in the military isn’t easy, but for many it can be an experience of a lifetime. It’s rewarding, diverse and can open your future up to a whole world of opportunity. Even after weighing up the pros and cons of joining the military, thousands of servicemen and women enjoy successful careers with a very special kind of work/life balance.

Joining the military with family is a totally unique experience. Yet it’s one that many know little about, despite it being perfectly commonplace.

So we’ve decided to let you in on some of the reasons why life in a military family is extra special!

Living life on the move allows military families to see the world

Joining the military and raising a family simultaneously can be quite the task, but the rewards are truly bountiful. One of the most popular reasons why people decide to embrace military-family life is the chance to explore the world and spend precious time together while doing it.

Depending on your role or your partner’s, you’re likely to move around frequently. Whether you’re stationed in your neighboring state, or are deployed to a vibrant country you’ve never visited before, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy. Although this might seem disruptive to your children’s education, your kids get to learn from a whole host of different cultures, and often become adept at making new friends!

Being on the move not only allows children to see the world and learn in some amazing ways, but it’ll also bring your family closer together too. More family time and less distractions (or drama!) guarantees a one-of-a-kind bonding experience.

Military families enjoy a whole range of health and lifestyle benefits

Of course, life in the military involves some sacrifice, but with sacrifice comes great reward! As well as the military professionals themselves, the US government extends most of the benefits to their families too. This is a great way to save money and enjoy some unique discounts, exclusively available to people serving our country!

Military families on active duty receive a range of healthcare benefits which is one of the biggest appeals of a career in service. No matter what branch of the military you’re serving under, everyone is entitled and protected, centrally managed by Tricare.

As well as medical benefits, there’s also a range of other perks that come with being a member of a military family. A basic housing allowance, shopping discounts and childcare provision are just some of the advantages of this unique lifestyle.

Gain a varied and multicultural education for your children

As mentioned previously, joining the military with a family can mean you’re constantly on the go. This means you and your family are given the opportunity to explore new places and see the world from a different perspective.

Another benefit of this experience is the varied, diverse and multicultural communities you’ll come into contact with. For children, meeting people from new cultures and learning foreign languages as part of their upbringing can have a hugely positive impact, making them more resilient and well-rounded people.

Unless they attend a boarding academy, joining new schools will become a part of everyday life for your children. This can seem scary at first, but the key social skills this can instill will be invaluable for their future careers and relationships. Being sociable, accepting and inclusive are common traits in military children — things most adults don’t even develop until later in life!

Military families meet incredible people and make lifelong friendships

For spouses with military partners, life on the road can appear to be lonely. If you’re constantly moving around and only settling for a short time, is it really possible to sustain healthy friendships?

It may surprise you, but the answer is a definite yes.

Many people think that military families live a solitary life, but the bonds they build with other families in their community are what make them extra special. Thousands of servicemen and women bring their families with them on their journeys through military life, meaning there are thousands of like-minded people for them to connect with.

The bonds formed between these groups are like no other. Families can unite over shared experiences, connect through common interests and understand each other like nobody else can. Going out for meals, celebrating together or simply meeting up over coffee are just some of the special moments shared between military families.

This experience is entirely unique and one like no other. If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of joining the military today, you can have confidence in adding family life to the advantages — it really is extra special!