One N Ten is a non-profit organization based in Phoenix, Arizona that provides support, resources, and programs for LGBTQ+ youth. Founded in 1998, the organization's mission is to "empower and enhance the lives of LGBTQ+ youth, ages 14-24, by providing life-saving and life-affirming programs that promote self-expression, self-acceptance, leadership development and healthy living."

one路n路ten is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to serving and assisting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth ages 11-24. Their mission is to enhance young LGBTQ lives by providing empowering social and service programs that promote self-expression, self-acceptance, leadership development, and healthy life choices.

one路n路ten envisions a world where all LGBTQ youth and young adults are embraced for who they are, actively engaged in their communities, and empowered to lead. The organization works toward that vision with an abundance of programs designed for LGBTQ youth and young adults.

Promise Of a New Day (POND) Housing and Workforce Programs

Housing and Navigation Services鈥攆or LGBTQ+ and allied folks ages 18-24 who are at risk for or are currently experiencing homelessness. Services include:

  • Housing solutions through the POND rapid rehousing program
  • Referrals to shelters and housing programs that may be welcoming to LGBTQ+ youth
  • Referrals for mental health care and medical services
  • Referrals to homeless court to help resolve legal issues

Workforce Navigation鈥攐ne路n路ten鈥檚 POND workforce program helps LGBTQ+ and allied youth ages 16-24 build skills and gain the confidence to join the workforce and maintain employment. Programs include:

  • CareerQUEER鈥攁 six week course that includes topics such as resume writing and interviewing skills
  • Meet the Employer Events鈥攚here LGBTQ+ youth can meet with companies that celebrate and value the unique identities of their LGBTQ+ employees
  • Drop in Programs鈥攗sually focused on a single topic, such as job search, communications skills, or financial literacy
  • Company Site Visits鈥攐utings to employer sites to learn about career opportunities in a variety of fields

Health and Wellness Programs

Wellness programming at one路n路ten is designed to educate, empower, and help LGBTQ+ youth shine even brighter.

SexFYI!鈥攁 monthly sexual health program offered in two tracks: one for youths ages 14-17, and one for young adults ages 18-24.The program is designed to be inclusive of their body, gender identity and sexual orientation. Examples of topics include:

  • Safe, healthy relationships and dating
  • Consent/negotiation/refusal skills
  • Asexuality/Aromanticism
  • How to navigate relationships as a trans or non-binary person
  • Sexting, social media and internet safety
  • Intimacy without sex and sex readiness

Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Wellness鈥攁 monthly program offering various gender affirming topics such as:

  • Pronoun support
  • Hormones 101
  • Gender affirming surgery 101
  • How to bind or tuck safely
  • How to choose an LGBTQ affirming provider or counselor

one路n路ten values LGBTQ youth and young adults as individuals that benefit from well-rounded selfcare. Other programs offered range from suicide prevention and self-empowerment classes to social emotional learning, nutrition, and mindfulness meditation.

Identity Based Programming

one路n路ten recognizes the importance of providing population-specific spaces so youths can build community with people who share their lived experiences. Identity specific groups offer safe spaces where youths can connect in an environment built specifically for them.

Queer of Color(COC)鈥攑rovides a safe space for young, LGBTQ people of color (POC) to build connections based on lived experiences.

Trans and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC)鈥攑rovides a safe space for transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming and questioning youth to connect and built community.

Neurodiversity鈥攑rovides a safe space for those living at the intersection of the queer and neurodivergent communities. Includes those who live with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions. No official diagnosis is necessary to join.

Camp OUTdoors

This program helps LGBTQ+ youth develop leadership skills, work in collaborative ways, and develop a strong sense of self and community. Outdoor trips may include rock climbing, backpacking, survival skills training or other outdoor group activities. No outdoor experience is necessary.

Coffee for a Cause

In support of one路n路ten, February鈥檚 #coffeeforacause is #LoveWins, our medium roast from Guatemala with notes of dark chocolate, bright fruit, and butterscotch. When you buy #LoveWins coffee during the month of February, a portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to one路n路ten!聽

To learn more about one路n路ten, find out how you can get involved, or donate directly to the cause, visit their website聽and make sure to follow them on social media!